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The Harry Potter Fanon Cliché Community

"Ron," said Hermione sadly, "it's all been a big mistake."

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This community is now closed as of May 9, 2013. Past entries, and this community description, will remain archived and available for readers to peruse at their leisure.

potter_cliche was a (hopefully not clichéd) community for the discerning fanfic reader who is tired of encountering the sorts of scenarios that seem to crop up with remorseless monotony. Thick!Ron, Genius!Hermione, Not-really-the-Hero-at-all!Harry, etc, etc, etc.

Fed up with werewolves mating for life? Wanting the hit the writer of abusive!Malfoys with a cluebat? Considering mass slaughter at your local McDonalds, when you see yet another, Hermione-the-Bigger-Intellectual-than-Camille-Paglia fic? Stupid!Ron making your head ache? Ready to run amok with that sledgehammer, when you read (yet again) that Harry must mate with Draco because of Draco's Veela heritage? Ready to tote that AK47 at yet another leather-trousered Draco? Or any other such tosh?

We've just survived the landfall of Hurricane Jo, but despite that, there are new clichés popping up with the spawned prevalence of a bunch of mushrooms after a heavy autumn rain (and that abysmally laboured metaphor was probably the biggest cliché of the lot of 'em).

If you hate the sort of fanon that seems to pop up remorselessly in every other fic, and just wish for once there was a way of venting, this community might be your lifeline. Accept no cheap imitations. Feel free to snigger, point and laugh at any fanon cliché in Potterverse fanfic.

And it's cheaper than cocaine, right? (But perhaps not pot in Vancouverdam - obligatory British Columbian joke)

Three is the number of the rules, and the number of the rules shall be three...

Thou shalt name no badfics.

Thou shalt not wank.

No entitlement whoring. What this means is that if you have a burning desire to actually morph the books into how you think they should have gone, please write an AU fanfic rather than whingeing in here.

Overall, the rules are simple. Posts should be entertaining rather than vicious, and should not under any circumstances specify actual fics or links, or indeed named authors - unless you are suggesting an example of goodfic (make that clear, mind). There is no negotiation about that. There are other mockery communities for lampooning specific stories, this is not about that. No fic is to be mocked here by name, or by implication/hint. We need to go after the clichés and not the perpetrators. It’s also important to point out that there no doubt are fics out there, which sometimes confound the cliché. It can happen. Sarcasm, irony and humour are the order of the day, here, not ranting. If you feel like ranting, that’s what fanficrants is for. This is for fun.

If you do not agree with a cliche post - feel free to rebut it, if you can do that in a non-wanky, non-hysterical way. If you want wank, take it home, or do that on your own lj. This community is not a democracy, there is no forum for debating what this community is for. It's for what I describe it as being, here, or on any clarification post I make. Complaints about the tone/content/slant of the posts should be addressed to the owner (me), via my livejournal inbox.

Generally if you lack even vestigial sense of humour, and an ability to mock yourself, or to suffer yourself and your opinions to be mocked by others, then you may ultimately NOT feel at home here. If you feel annoyed that your own fanon cliché is mentioned here, again, this is the wrong place to be. Ditto if you come here, and happily mock what you want to mock and then feel obliged to throw a hissy fit when your cliché is the target, again, you may find this community is not for you.

Any cliché goes. See above for the "none is sacred" aspect of this community. Feel free to keep a score card of your own outed clichés, a bingo game might be devised in the future, provided a cheap enough prize can be organised.

Final thing. All ships and shippers, as well as genficcers are welcome here. No character is sacrosanct either - though this is not a place for the more entitled souls in our fandom. Broadly, I'll not tolerate anti-Rowling sentiment, whinge about book 7, and will moderate anyone I consider to be failing basic reading 101 (a cursory scan of the Harry Potter series suggests Harry was a hero and a nice kid. Deal. And if you hate Harry, what the eff are you doing in his fandom? Snape was a tragic character but not the unsung hero. Deal again.).

So go to it. Got a “golden trio” you’d like to laugh at? Come on over here, tell us about it.

Oh, and play nice.
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